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Northwoods Collection Log Cabin Seamless Steel Siding
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Northwoods Log Cabin Seamless Steel Siding

Protect and beautify your home with a maintenance-free color coordinated, rain carrying system from United States Seamless®. Our system is designed to work as a complete protection and beautification package for all new home construction, remodeling, and commercial properties.

Northwoods Log Cabin Seamless Steel Siding

Eliminate time-consuming and costly painting and maintenance of the hard-to-reach areas of your home with a Steel Soffit & Fascia System from United States Seamless®. Our Steel Soffit & Fascia System provides a beautiful finished appearance while providing the ventilation you need to remove excess heat and humidity from eaves, overhangs and attics.

Northwoods Log Cabin Seamless Steel Siding

Our soffit, fascia, and rain-carrying systems provide:

  • Extended roof overhang offers additional protection against the elements.
  • Durable fully integrated steel construction.
  • Vented soffits control attic temperature & air flow.
  • System design approach assures product compatibility and a perfect fit.
  • Multiple color options available.
  • Maintenance-free finish.
  • Increased value of your property.
Soffit and Fascia

The wonders of nature are truly amazing... but they can also be hard on your home. Eaves, overhangs, porch ceilings, and fascia — often the least noticed areas of your home's exterior — can blister, peel or rot. Suddenly you're faced with a costly maintenance problem that affects your home's value & appearance.

Let United States Seamless® add the finishing touch to making your home virtually maintenance-free with our soffit, fascia and rain carrying system.