Our Design & Selection Process Is Easy

A beautiful and seamless exterior can transform your home. Let us walk you through this home rewarding process with more panels and colors for exterior replacements. It is easy, and we provide the perfect solution to giving you the curb appeal you desire.

Step 1: Siding Panels

Please note that siding profile availability may vary from dealer to dealer.

Double 3-inch Panel Double 3"
Double 4-inch Panel Double 4"
Double 5-inch Panel Double 5"
Horizontal 6-inch Panel Horizontal 6"
Horizontal 8-inch Panel Horizontal 8"
Horizontal 10-inch Panel Horizontal 10"
6-inch x 4-inch Panel 6" x 4" Panel
3-inch x 5-inch Panel 3" x 5" Panel
2-inch x 4-inch Panel 2" x 4" Panel
Double 4-inch Dutch Panel Double 4" Dutch
Colonial Dutch 4-inch Panel Colonial Dutch 4"
Double 5-inch Dutch Panel Double 5" Dutch
Colonial Dutch 5-inch Panel Colonial Dutch 5"
Dutch Lap 6-inch Panel Dutch Lap 6"
Beaded Dutch 6-inch Panel Beaded Dutch 6"
Dutch Lap 8-inch Panel Dutch Lap 8"
Beaded Dutch 8-inch Panel Beaded Dutch 8"
Dutch Lap 10-inch Panel Dutch Lap 10"
Beaded Dutch 10-inch Panel Beaded Dutch 10"
Half Board & Batten 4-inch Panel Half Board & Batten 4"
Half Board & Batten 5-inch Panel Half Board & Batten 5"
Inverted Board & Batten 5-inch Panel Inverted Board & Batten
Vertical Board & Batten 6-inch Panel Vertical Board & Batten 6"
Vertical Board & Batten 8-inch Panel Vertical Board & Batten 8"
Vertical Board & Batten 10-inch Panel Vertical Board & Batten 10"
T1-11 Plank Panel T1-11 Plank
6-inch Plank Panel 6" Plank
8-inch Plank Panel 8" Plank
8-inch Log Panel 8" Log

Step 2: Accents & Accessories

siding accessories Accessories Soffit
Rain Carrying Systems
siding accents Siding Accents Banding & Base Board
Dentil Trim
Corner Posts
window accents Window Accents Cladding
Surrounds & Headers
door accents Door Accents Wraps
Surrounds & Headers
blocks and vents Blocks & Vents Surface Mounts
House Address Kit
Light Blocks
Utility Vents
Outlets & Water Blocks
gables Gables Gable Vents
Shake & Shingle
Inverted Herringbone
Vertical Siding

Step 3: Exterior Colors

Design an exterior look that reflects your style with colors from our beautiful color palette. There are several colors to choose from, ranging from deep vibrant colors to more subtle earth tones. Our color perfect finishes coordinate with our accessories, soffits, fascia, and rain carrying systems.

White White
Canvas Canvas
Sand Sand
Northwood Northwood
Burlap Burlap
Khaki Khaki
Ash Ash
Boulder Boulder
Bronze Bronze
Sage Sage
Storm Storm
Twilight Twilight
Brick Brick
Royal Brown Royal Brown
Charcoal Charcoal
Carbon Carbon
Mocha Mocha
Black Black
Fossil Fossil
Shadow Shadow
Saddle Saddle
Mahogany Mahogany
Moss Moss